Ethnografilm 2015

All events (including reception & meet up for the tour) are at Cine 13 Theatre, 1 Av. Junot, Montmartre

Director’s Tour of Montmartre, 5pm Wednesday April 8th

Director’s reception and festival launch 7pm Wednesday April 8th

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Please note the festival is free.  Come and go as often as you please!

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April in Paris! Ethnografilm features Q&A after each session and free tours of the historic Montmartre district.  Over 90% of the directors whose films were selected will be in attendance.

All non-fiction films (earliest release date Jan. 2009) are eligible for the 2016 festival.   “Ethnographic” films are not simply about far away people and places.  We particularly solicit movies about modern life  as well as remote corners of the planet!

Submit to the 2106 festival before August 31, 2015 for reduced rates at Withoutabox!  Filmmakers please note that Withoutabox (WAB) now allows free submission of HD screeners (uploaded to IMDb).  If you would rather use a Vimeo link, add it to your film Synopsis in WAB.  No DVDs please.

Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. We celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light with this salute to film noir.

2014 Interview with the Director